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The basic argument given in hep-ph/9610545 was:

``The vector coupling term can be shown to vanish for Majorana fermions $\lambda$:

(1) \begin{displaymath}
\bar{\lambda} \gamma^{\mu} \lambda = 0

Neutrino - vector coupling terms are observed because g$_V^{\nu}$ $\neq$ 0 must be true to explain the experimental results on electron - neutrino scattering. Therefore the neutrino is no Majorana fermion.''

The fallacy of this reasoning: There is no way to conclude from eq.(1) that g$_V^{\nu}$=0.

If the neutrino were a Majorana fermion, a non-vanishing vector coupling of its Weyl components would lead to the observed small difference in the scattering cross section of neutrinos with opposite helicities.

Rainer Plaga 2001-08-16